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The Kivi XS Wheel

The Kivi XS Wheel is essentially a horizontal spinning plate that can be operated using a comfortable and intuitive spinner knob. The XS Wheel is also positioned in a way that is easier to steer with only one hand or for an individual’s unique needs. For an example, the XS Wheel’s design and positioning is suitable for those that have affected with sclerosis or dystrophy that have trouble fully rotating the wheel. The Spinner Knob that is attached to the plate also comes in various designs, to best suit the driver’s unique needs and preferences.  The XS Wheel can be combined with a wide range of different hand controls, such as the Carospeed or any other push/pull accelerators. 

The XS Wheel is fully mechanical, meaning that it does not require any electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic components. The solid design of the XS Wheel makes it a safe, reliable and durable steering aid that lasts. The XS Wheel can also be uninstalled in a way that leaves very little trace of it every being there, maintaining the value and ability to resell your vehicle. 

The Kivi XS Wheel is a great product to help you start driving and regain your independence! It makes steering easier for individuals with physical conditions or those that require a hand to operate the hand controls. To learn more about the XS Wheel and how it can work for you contact us today!



  • Compliant with the strict European Safety standards which are also acceptable in Australia. 
  • Handles come in various types, such as tripod, forks and spinner knobs. 
  • Purely mechanical installation and operation. 
  • The spinning plate can be fitted onto both a horizontal or vertical plane, depending on the driver’s needs and preferences. 



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