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Wheel Spinner

Wheel Spinner We provide the wheel spinner. To meet the unique needs of different customers, we offer a number of different knobs that can be attached to the holder. They all have quick-fit grooves so that they can be quickly removed when the car is driven by a person who does not require these aids.

A wheel spinner is suitable for drivers who steer the car with one hand, for example when driving with manual controls. Certain users require specially adapted knobs to ensure maximum safety. 

  1. 1. Wheel spinner with wrist rest, suitable for tetraplegics
  2. 2. Wheel spinner with a short rest for a small hand, suitable for tetraplegics
  3. 3. Wheel spinner with a longer rest for a larger hand, suitable for tetraplegics
  4. 4. Wheel ball

Quick-Release function that allows the Spinner Knob to be attached detached quickly and with ease. 

  • Bearings: Two quality free-running ball racers for smooth, reliable operation •    Fine Leather Grain Etching to match the vehicle’s interior.
  • Strong Clamp Jaws to prevent any movement once fitted. 
  • Large Clamping Surface which won’t damage the steering wheel. 
  • Quality materials: Injection-molded glass filled durable nylon components as used by mining companies for heavy duty applications


Optional Extras

  • Wireless Control Module that allows you to access the vehicle secondary functions (such as indicators, headlights and horn) from the Spinner Knob. 
  • Comes in a variety of different handles to better suit different physical impairments.



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