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Indication is essential for safe driving and accessory functions like headlight dip, windscreen wipers and climate control all need to be controlled with ease and safety

We install devices allow the user easy, one-handed access to the indicators and two other secondary functions such as the windscreen wipers and high beam or horn. Almost any function can be brought within the reach of the user wirelessly using remote control system. All systems remove easily from the wheel and the modified car can be driven as normal by another driver. The keypad does not affect existing controls. Contact us today to see how these products can help you!

PME Easyspin RF360

PME Easyspin RF360 ensures greater control of the vehicle by reducing the movements involved in operating your vehicle’s secondary functions. The indicators are self-cancelling, so once the manoeuvre has been made they will switch off, just as in a standard system. The Easyspin can be implemented as an independent unit, or in conjunction with the celebrated PME Spinmaster spinner knob. As an independent remote, it is suitable for users who have sufficient use of their non-driving hand. It is can be installed on any vehicle with the original system remaining operational after installation. It can easily be removed and installed on another vehicle, which is handy as the Easyspin has been known to outlast the vehicle in which it was first installed!



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