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Indication is essential for safe driving and accessory functions like headlight dip, windscreen wipers and climate control all need to be controlled with ease and safety

We install devices allow the user easy, one-handed access to the indicators and two other secondary functions such as the windscreen wipers and high beam or horn. Almost any function can be brought within the reach of the user wirelessly using remote control system. All systems remove easily from the wheel and the modified car can be driven as normal by another driver. The keypad does not affect existing controls. Contact us today to see how these products can help you!

The RB System

The RB System simplifies the use of a vehicle’s many electrical functions. The RB Signaller System incorporates a range of electrical functions into a single pad for better access, safety and user-friendliness for the user. The device is highly versatile and easy to use Auto / Manual lights activation plus high / low beam switching, Automatic cancelling Signals, Flash- Passing Beam, Horn, Window Wipers (Intermittent, Low and High speed), Window washer, and Hazard. In addition to this, Signaller’s intelligent "Smart Unstop"feature prevents premature cancellation while the brake is applied. This is necessary during city driving while stationary at traffic lights etc. Once the brake is released, Signallers timer again automatically engages.



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