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Kivi Ring

Kivi Ring.

A breakthrough in driver assisted technology with the new Accelerator Ring. This piece of technology allows drivers with limited lower body faculties to drive a vehicle. This gas ring attaches to the steering well, and can make the car accelerate by pulling or pushing on the ring. There is three different ways of accelerating the car with this device, allowing you to choose the method that feels most comfortable to you. The braking can also be hand controlled as it can be applied by simply pushing down on a toggle located just to the side of the steering wheel. The toggle is intuitive and extremely response.

One of the standout features of the Accelerator Ring is that it can be attached and detached from the steering wheel quickly with extreme ease. This allows you to switch to using the pedals if another person wishes to use the car. This also limits the changes in aesthetics and feel of the car, allowing you to retain its ability to be resold.

This piece of technology is great is it allows individuals with limited lower body faculties to drive with ease while hardly modifying the look and feel of the vehicle. Contact us today to see how you reclaim your independence!



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