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Many people with physical disabilities still have the ability to drive a motor vehicle if hand controls are fitted. This independence adds greatly to self-esteem and a sense of control over one’s own life. Vehicular independence also allows the disabled person to take a more active role in family and community life.

The Carobrake Hand Control

The Carobrake Hand Control: Some drivers might find pulling up the handbrake difficult. This can be due to a variety of reasons including arm injuries and other previous conditions.  This Carobrake Electronic Parking Brake solves this problem by converting the Handbrake to a fully electronic system, allowing the Handbrake to be activated by simply pressing a button.  This removes the need for any unnecessary strain on individuals. The Carobrake is perfect for those that have trouble pulling up the handbrake.

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Features of the Carobrake:

  • Carobrake is an electronic parking brake, operated by the driver at the touch of a button to both apply the parking brake and to release it.
  • This fully automated system can pull up the hand brake in under 10 seconds
  • The product is rust, water and dust resistant to the highest grade.
  • It compliant with the strictest European standards (also accepted in Australia), so you can be confident in its safety.



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