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Many people with physical disabilities still have the ability to drive a motor vehicle if hand controls are fitted. This independence adds greatly to self-esteem and a sense of control over one’s own life. Vehicular independence also allows the disabled person to take a more active role in family and community life.

Conventional Hand Control - Accelerate and Brake by Hand

Conventional Hand Control - Accelerate and Brake by Hand

Driver Hand Controls, you are to drive without the use of your legs! Hand Control adaptive equipment are products that are designed to allow the driver to operate the accelerator and brakes using only their hands.

These hand controls are mechanical in nature, being linked to the accelerator and brake pedals using wires linkages and rods. The mechanical motion of pushing and pulling on the hand control will simulate the act of pressing the gas and brake pedals respectively.

Driver hand controls can also come in a variety of different options, allowing you to pick a set up that feels most comfortable to you.

Conventional Method – In this set up, a handle bar located under the steering wheel on the right allows you to accelerate and brake. You can accelerate by pulling the handlebar towards yourself, while braking can be achieved by pushing forward on the handlebar. This solution is the most adaptable to most vehicles and also the most economic one. 

Twist Method – This set up attempts to mimic the way in which you would operate a motorbike.  For this set up, you twist the handle to accelerate and press it down to break. This method is perfect who prefer a motorbike style of control.

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