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Portable Toilet Seat Pad



The Portable Toilet Seat Pad is a clever and simple design which adds height and makes it portable, light weight, water resistant and easy to maintain.  It is ideal for an institution setting, in your home or to take with you.

The underside moulded, non-marring clips prevent the pad from falling off the seat and eliminates the need for any other attachment devices.  The curvature design was determined by measuring and averaging a number of stock toilet seats.  Consequently, the pads clip on to the nearly every toilet seat on the market.  Since an important characteristic of self-skinning foam is water resistant and easy maintenance, there properties proved to be ideal for this application.  The product proved to be comfortable, convenient and simple to use.  The product also has a record of excellent durability.

The Toilet Seat Pad is light weight and inconspicuous when transported in the carry bag.

  • Adds height
  • Adds comfort
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Avoids pinching

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