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Change Table 3


Bathroom space is always at a premium.

Change tables can take up lots of room and it can be difficult to get a larger child or adolescent onto them.

Here, with the Mobility Plus Changetable 3, the table folds flat against the wall and has a motor driven height adjustment, that can bring the individual to be changed, from the lower loading position, up to the care-giver’s optimal working height, with the press of a button.

Crafted at Mobility Plus in powder-coated stainless steel, the Changetable 3 has a trampoline-style sling topped with a 30mm mattress covered in waterproof material.

For additional safety, there is an optional fold-down side rail, which is a highly recommended feature.

All electrics are mounted near the ceiling, away from splash or spill zones to protect all concerned in the process.

Standard installation is for a plaster wall with timber studs, although the Changetable 3 can be mounted on almost any wall by special arrangement.

The weight limit on the Changetable 3 is a generous 120 kg and is, with its height adjustment, ideal for use with hoists.

Mobility Plus Changetable 3 solves the change-time problem with the maximum space efficiency and the minimum of fuss.

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