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Electric Transfer Commode



Mobility Plus distribute this all-purpose, Australian-made Electric Transfer Commode. With its electrically controlled height adjustment, plus an electrically controlled backrest recline, it is ideal for showering and toilet operations.

The Electric Transfer Commode has a fully sealed, rechargeable-from- mains, battery system that can provide up to one hundred and fifty operations before the need to recharge.

The Transfer Commode is also very comfortable, with padded back and adjustable headrest for just the correct ergonomic support.

Lying flat is also easy, with the gas-assisted leg rest coming up to form a fully-flat mobile stretcher, which is wide enough to change or dress on.

The arms of the Transfer Commode fold down to make transferring to bed or chair a simple matter and the electric height adjustment contributes to making this the easiest possible operation.

Being in a wet area, the frame is zinc pre-treated before its epoxy powder-coating to make it extremely corrosion resistant and the high-density foam and vinyl upholstery are of the highest quality for long-term wear. The padded seat is easily removable for cleaning purposes and the non-slip footrest is retractable so that it takes up the minimum space when not in use.

Moving is a breeze with the multi-grip push handles and large sturdy castors, locking at the rear, so that the Electric Transfer Commode makes life as easy as possible for any care-giver, and comfortable as possible for the person with disabilities.

Features Include:

  • Can be used in both sitting and lying positions
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Features allow care-giver to easily transfer person with disabilities back to a bed or chair

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