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The TIM upright trainer allows children and teenagers to be brought into a vertical position with correct axial alignment

  • The upright position is promoted via the body supports, such as the knee, buttocks, spinal, pelvic, chest and back pelotte pads, and the muscle tension in the legs is reduced
  • Joints are strained in the correct axial alignment and the physiological development of the joints is promoted
  • Promotes torso stability and head control
  • Stepless adjustment up to 45° forwards and 15° back
  • The buttocks pelotte pad is to be adjusted horizontally in order to counter a knee or hip flexing contracture
  • The combined spinal and pelvic pelotte pad in interaction with the buttocks pelotte pad position the pelvis, promoting activity in the torso and the upper extremities
  • Knee pelotte pads provide in any required knee joint position the largest possible and therefore pressure-reducing support surface

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