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Solo – Power Assist

On the road – light-hearted and safe

Solo- a joystick power add-on for your manual chair.
Enjoy long drives and live actively with your family – the SOLO makes you mobile and flexible. It enriches not only your everyday life, but also increases your quality of life. Available with lithium-Ion or lead silicone battery pack.

  • Fast and easy mounting of the wheelchair wheels due to a new and innovative locking system.
  • Powered wheels without fully floating axles
  • Very light-weight lithium ion battery
  • ALPHA concept – highly efficient motors and modern battery technology makes a range up to 35 km possible.
  • Space-saving and easy to transport
  • Light, compact and manoeuvrable
  • Individual attachment to almost all types of commercially available wheelchairs
  • Suitable for a maximum total weight of 210 kg (person, wheelchair, SOLO)


Technical data – Solo

approved total weight (1):

210 kg (person plus wheelchair plus SOLO):

max. weight of the person:

160 kg

Potential wheel size:


forward / backward:

6 km/h | 3 km/h

range with one battery charge (2):

up to 35 km

maximum possible gradient (3):

up to 20%


28,8 V / 16 Ah

direct current motor:

2 x 28,8 V / 150 W

Weight of the powered wheels:

je 9,0 kg

weight of the battery pack:

4,2 kg

Weight of the bag for the batteries:

0,2 kg

weight of the control unit:

0,4 kg

Weight of the interface:

0,1 kg

total weight:

22,9 kg

Type classes:

A, B


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