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Sports Wheelchairs





Fitness, for those with disabilities, is just as important an issue as in the wider community.  Sport benefits health in many ways, a well as improving self-esteem and providing a social outlet.

Mobility Plus specialises in wheelchairs for the three major participatory wheelchair games of tennis, basketball and rugby.

The basis of the sport chairs is our famous Elite model, which is a fully made-to-measure all-welded frame for the lightest possible wheelchair with incredible strength and manoeuvrability.

The Elite is then modified to the requirements of the various sports.  We are also able to build custom designed wheelchairs for other specialised sports such as track racing chairs that are made to the athlete’s requirements.

Mobility Plus has put much painstaking research into the set-up of sports chairs and come up with numerous innovations, many of which are now imitated around the world by other wheelchair builders.  We are complimented time and time again.

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