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Special Custom Wheelchairs


Every now and then somebody comes along that doesn’t fit any mould.

At Mobility Plus we are geared to aid these special people with their families and carers, to get the most from their lives.

In conjunction with our other area of expertise in postural support and pressure care, we will undertake a precise measuring and postural evaluation process.

After that our craftsmen will construct a wheelchair to the exact needs of that special person.  This can involve moulded seats and other specialised postural supports or safety harnesses, as well as many variations to the design of the wheelchair frame itself.

As they usually cannot push themselves, the wheelchair must either be electrically powered, or be very easy for the carer or family member to push. On manual wheelchairs, we provide a variety of handle options and other mechanisms to aid carers and family members with wheelchair mobility.

The flexibility of our processes and the skill of our craftsmen ensure that we can build to the requirements of people with special needs

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