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“Have you ever had the pleasure of a custom-fitted suit? I highly recommend it. The sun shines brighter, the birds sing sweeter, and the business of the day just rolls off without leaving a wrinkle.”

– Archibald Leach

Everything feels better with a custom fit. Freedom of movement takes on a higher level of awareness when your Mobility Plus wheelchair is custom made to your exact measurements. Your arms seem to have more power and your manoeuvrability will be so enhanced that you’ll notice the difference and so will everybody around you.

Mobility Plus’ custom-made system goes far beyond taking stock pieces from a library of pre-made parts. We gather precise information, not just your measurements, but your pushing style, favourite seating position and personal lifestyle preferences. Remember also we can craft anything from folding and fixed frame manual wheelchairs to child sizes or specialised sports wheelchairs.

Once this information is all assembled and approved, only then do our craftsmen go to work. Each element of the frame is made to exacting tolerances to ensure perfect fit and the materials used are the finest available for long-term durability.

Whilst we understand your desire to get into your unique wheelchair as soon as you can, we will not compromise our craftsmanship for the sake of time. Even in these days of instant gratification, quality still takes time.

With our precision, custom-made wheelchairs, every one still has the inbuilt provision of fine-tuning to make it just perfect. There is also a vast array of accessories, seats, wheels and parts to make each wheelchair individual.

There is something extra satisfying in the knowledge that this wheelchair was made just for you, to optimize your independence. There is not another one like it in the world!


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