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MP Tilt Chair


Mobility Plus has, for many years, produced a wheelchair with a tilt feature that is completely customised to individual needs. It is based on either of our trusted Wedge or Elite designs, and is made from tempered, light-weight aluminium alloy tubing for long-term strength and durability.

The tilt section activates easily for the care-giver and keeps the person with disabilities in the correct ergonomic position, so that sleeping, feeding or converting from tilted to up-right for travelling are all made simple operations.

The tilt wheelchair is flexible, durable and can be customised for each individual with the wide range of options, colours, wheels and accessories available from Mobility Plus Australia. Many supports can be added to accommodate clients with special needs, including growth adjustment for children in both the seat length and width.

The quality of a Mobility Plus wheelchair will give peace of mind and trouble-free operation for years to come.

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