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Sports Wheelchair Basketball



People who use wheelchairs often lack aerobic fitness.

The game of wheelchair basketball is fast and furious; great for aerobic fitness.

Participants have the added bonus of a team environment which benefits self-esteem and social connections as well as health and fitness.

Mobility Plus has specialised in basketball wheelchairs from the inception of the company.  We have developed “the wing”, a specialised crash-bar carefully designed to both prevent “hooking” the wheelchairs by other competitors and to protect the feet from injury due to the frequent collisions during the game.

The model on which the basketball wheelchair is built is our famous Elite design.

The Mobility Plus Elite is a true custom made-to-measure wheelchair.  All joints are welded so there are no bolts to work loose.  This is also the mode of construction for the lightest possible frame, using either light-weight tempered aluminium alloy tubing or ultra-light, ultra-strong titanium.

These chairs have a strength-to-weight ratio that is unmatched, making them beautifully responsive, fast as lightning, and amazingly strong.

Mobility Plus has put extensive research into the set-up of sports chairs, and in consultation with you, our expert technicians custom build a basketball wheelchair that is just the way you want it, making your game the best it can be.

Features Include:

  • Designed to prevent hooking with other wheelchairs
  • Designed to protect the feet
  • Incredibly responsive and strong



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