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Sports Wheelchair Rugby



Wheelchair rugby is fast, rough and tough.

Tackling is achieved by “blocking” the player with the ball with your own wheelchair.  Therefore, the rugby wheelchairs have to be incredibly strong – and armour-plated.

The Mobility Plus “Elite” rugby wheelchair frame is incredibly strong because it is welded and then heat treated.  As none of the joints are bolted together, they cannot work loose under the constant barrage of collisions during the game.

The specially developed “rugby wing” on the wheelchair is an armour-plated crash-bar, designed to protect the occupant, and carefully planned to prevent “hooking” wheelchairs with other participants.

As with all Mobility Plus Sports wheelchairs, the rugby chair is custom-made to the measurements and ability of the athlete to enhance manoeuvrability and speed.

Wheelchair sport is great for fitness and self-esteem, and the Mobility Plus Elite rugby wheelchair will provide participants with many years of fun and safe game time while building their strength and endurance.

Features Include:

  • Incredibly strong and armour-plated
  • Designed to protect the occupant
  • Custom-made

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