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Sports Wheelchair Tennis



Fitness, for those with disabilities, is just as important an issue as in the wider community.

Sport benefits health in many ways, as well as improving self esteem and providing a social outlet.

The game of wheelchair tennis is a fast and fluid sport.  At its best, it’s exciting and graceful, but for most it’s just great fun.

Mobility Plus has specialised in tennis wheelchairs for many years and some of the top ranked players in the world, past and present, use Mobility Plus tennis wheelchairs.

The basis of the tennis chair is our acclaimed Elite model, which is a fully made-to-measure, all-welded frame for the lightest possible wheelchair with incredible strength & manoeuvrability.

There are many different configurations for tennis wheelchairs, and this is decided during the measuring process to enhance personal game preferences.

Mobility Plus has put much painstaking effort into the set-up of tennis wheelchairs and come up with numerous innovations, many of which are now imitated around the world by other wheelchair builders.  This certainly shows the quality of the research undertaken by Mobility Plus.

It makes no difference whether you’re one of the world’s top players with a Mobility Plus tennis chair built for ultimate speed, or just a weekend warrior.  Your Mobility Plus tennis wheelchair is still skilfully custom-made, just for you, in the same precise way.

Features Include:

  • Custom made
  • Built for ultimate speed
  • Has incredible strength & manoeuvrability.

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