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Wheelchair Seat Cushions / Postural Backrests

Custom made foam
(shown without cover)

Foam cushion can come
in many grades


Latex foam rubber




Mobility Plus has a huge range of wheelchair seat cushions available through our worldwide network of mobility equipment resources. Our experienced technicians can advise you as to the best material for your particular application, budget or specified medical condition.

Foam Cushions – Polyurethane foam is the most economical, but also the shortest lived seat cushion material, as we have to use softer densities to protect against pressure problems for those with sensitive skin. This material, though, is very comfortable and comes in a wide range of densities. It can be an ideal material for those who spend only a few hours a day in a wheelchair, and is very useful, and most often utilised, for shaped, backrest-cushions.

Latex Cushions – Latex is a much more resilient material in the softer densities than foam: more expensive, but longer lived.

It is a natural product that is friendlier to the environment.

Gel Cushions – These cushions work on sacks of gel over a shaped base. Gel cushions are excellent for pressure maintenance and seating stability as they mould around the anatomy of the user.

Air Pocket Inflated Cushions – These cushions are excellent for those at higher risk of skin integrity issues and who need a greater level of pressure care. They are recognized as extremely soft and comfortable but are not as maintenance free as other cushions.

Fusion-Bonded Honeycomb – For most people, SupracorFusion-Bonded Honeycomb, is the best of all worlds, offering TotalPressure Care® by lower interface and shear pressure as well as superior ventilation for moisture and heat control. See the full range in the separate Supracor pages.

Wheelchair Postural Backrests – Mobility Plus manufacture many of the backrests that are required for our wheelchairs in our own specialised seating department.

Apart from our standard, adjustable, back upholstery, there are strap- adjustable backs and a multitude of shaped backrests, often custom fitted. With our own hexcellite (HEX) seating, we also specialise in forming backrests for people whose lives have left them in need of the most precise measurement, to make a back and seat that fits them individually.

There are a great number and variety of other moulded backrests on the market that are available through our worldwide network of mobility equipment resources.

We, at Mobility Plus, are able to fulfil any prescription of backrest that your health professional can specify. These can be fitted to our flexibly designed wheelchairs by Mobility Plus craftsmen to provide the best possible seating outcome for every individual person.

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