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Seating Assessment Machine (SAM)

The seating assessment machine (SAM)


Many fingers can exactly map the
of the body to be


Mobility Plus operate a Seating Assessment Machine (SAM) to ascertain the correct supportive comfort and pressure management for those more profoundly disabled in our community in order to minimise deterioration of skin integrity. These types of disabilities are often characterized by abnormal tone which twists the body, making them more difficult to support, especially through the lumbar and thoracic areas.

The caring technicians at Mobility Plus are very experienced in dealing with these types of conditions and have, as their primary tool, a prescription chair or seating assessment machine (SAM)

SAM has a back profiler made up of many rows of plastic “fingers” that can exactly map the shape of the body to be supported.

This profile can then be used to replicate the precise shape into a back cushion.

The use of SAM however, does not end there. A headrest can be shaped and adjusted for height and lateral position, as well as having a number of different profiles to choose from to support the head correctly.

SAM's seat can be a split wedge to cater for different leg lengths, or can be completely removed to fit alternate, specialised, pressure care seating.

Adductor pads or a pommel for abduction can be fitted and there are lap-belt or harness capabilities.

The tilt-in-space feature has its adjustment at the hip joint to ensure correct ergonomic support. Armrests are adjustable in each plane or can make way for a generous tray.To cater for the lower legs, the knee to foot specifications can change in length and angle and the footrest is infinitely Planta and Dorsi adjustable.

This then provides a complete formula for the individual postural needs of each client.

If the disability is less severe, then many clients can be fitted through our library of symmetrical back supports which can then be modified after measurement and assessment.

We also offer many different styles of seats which can be tried, often with our system of pressure mapping, for the most suitable comfort and pressure care.

Our Seating Assessment Machine provides an accurate, time-efficient way to care for those most disabled in our society.


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