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Pressure Mapping


“Pressure Mapping” or pressure imaging is a capacitive technology used by the technicians at Mobility Plus to clearly and accurately measure interface pressure.

This device allows clinicians and clients to view precise, high-resolution representations of bodily pressure distributions on a screen. We can show clinicians, using objective measurements, how positioning, support materials and alterations to them can impact on a client’s circulation, skin surface integrity and well-being.

Mobility Plus uses pressure mapping as a diagnostic tool, particularly in conjunction with our prescriptions for specialised moulded seating such as the “Hex Seating” on custom-made wheelchairs.

We can show clinicians ( physiotherapists or occupational therapists) in two or even three dimensions the pressure effects on the often unusual body shapes of their clients and how re-shaping or even changing the support materials can minimise the risk to clients from the effects of pressure.

The techniques can also be applied to the lying position to see how pressure affects the sleeping or bed-ridden client.

With the extensive range of different cushions available at Mobility Plus, including the Symmetrisleep night positioning bolsters, the prescribed cushion material, style and contouring for seat and back is always achievable with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable team.

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