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Postural support and pressure care has become a key field of expertise at Mobility Plus.  Its influence carries through all areas of disability, as the pressure lesion can be a severe, but mostly preventable, threat to the well-being of all people with impaired mobility.

Postural support and pressure care can be as simple as just the right seat cushion on your wheelchair, to as complex as a full, twenty-four hour postural management program, with fully custom-made, moulded body support and postural aids during the hours of sleep.

Mobility Plus is a centre of excellence in this important field and now provides a huge range of products and services to cater for all aspects of postural support and pressure care.

Whether your seat cushion preference is air-filled, latex, synthetic foam, gel or the revolutionary new Supracor® fusion-bonded honeycomb, we can supply the most appropriate product for your condition.

Mobility Plus also has expertise in pressure mapping, custom and moulded seating through use of our Seating    Assessment Machine (SAM.) and a postural aid program to preserve body symmetry during sleep.

This comprehensive service has been built up over many years by Mobility Plus through a worldwide network of partnerships with providors of quality disability aids and equipment, combined with our own research and   manufacturing facilities.

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