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Vehicle Driving Controls

Modified vehicles give people with disabilities an independence that enhances self-esteem and allows the disabled person to take a more active role in family and community life. Nowadays driving controls are getting better all the time thanks, mostly, to technological advances. Many vehicle functions can now be controlled, electronically, by small movements, involving very little strength. Having said that, a lot of our work still involves mechanical, or electro-mechanical modifications.

Mobility Plus has the knowledge and experience to fit hand controls to a large variety of vehicles. Our extensive machinery allows us to make the fine modifications that are often needed, as practically every vehicle requires slightly different fittings to make the apparatus work effectively.

Motor Vehicles Driving Controls are simply described by function, which is how we've organised them:

  • Electronic and Portable hand controls
  • Indicators and Accessories
  • Steering, Clutch and Gearshift
  • Handbrake
  • Dual Pedal Controls
  • Accessible Vehicles
    Turny Seats
  • Driving in a Wheelchair
  • Aids and Mobility Equipment

The people at Mobility Plus have over 25 years' experience in assisting people with disabilities become more independent. Whether it is the ability to transfer out of bed, move around your home, go to the local shop or venture further afield through use of a motor vehicle; each is a step towards independence.

The more independent you become, the more motivated you are to be active, and the higher is your self-esteem.

Mobility Plus can help every step of the journey with equipment to expedite that first transfer out of bed, to the ability to drive a modified motor vehicle. Over the years our experience also allows us to modify equipment to cope with specialised disability needs as the hand controls activate the pedals of the vehicle and do not directly control the engine. There is also a range of portable hand controls that can be adapted to any vehicle on a temporary basis, making travel far easier through the use of alternate or rental vehicles.

We have a large range of the equipment necessary to make most motor vehicles accessible and safe for the disabled motorist whether driver or passenger. This site doesn't attempt to document everything we've engineered. It is designed to give you an idea of what's possible.

The trusted name of Mobility Plus is the one to look for in vehicle adaptation for people with disabilities.

We are an engineering company, with enormous expertise in this field, so - many things are possible.

Just give us a ring to find out how we might be able to help you.




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