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Floor Hoists Jumbuck Hoist


Floor hoists are a flexible and portable way of moving non or partially-weight-bearing people from place to place given limited distances.

Mobility Plus can offer a wide range of floor-hoists sourced from our network of providers of disability equipment. All comply with International Standard ISO 10535 for their rated capacity and have emergency stop and lowering capabilities.

The central mast can be removed from the base for easy transportation and all hoists are rechargeable from mains electricity supply.

These hoists are the workhorses that help prevent handling injury to care-givers and preserve the dignity of non-weight bearing people.


The Jumbuck Hoist is a high capacity multi-purpose lifter which is ideal for institutional use.

The electric lift and leg opening are operated by a separate handheld control unit. The hoist moves easily on heavy duty castors which are lockable at the rear.

The Jumbuck has an easy-to-use quick-change mechanism for accessories such as standard yoke, tilting frame and sling as well as a Jordon frame attachment for picking up stretchers.

The Jumbuck Hoist has the ability to lift a cradle or stretcher frame from the floor and has a rated carrying capacity of 240 kilograms.

There is an optional weigh scale available to add to this high-capacity, hard-working lifter that protects care-givers from handling injuries, and makes life easier for everybody.

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