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The people at Mobility Plus have over 25 years' experience in assisting people with disabilities become more independent.

Whether it is the ability to transfer out of bed, move around your home, go to the local shop or venture further afield through use of a motor vehicle; each is a step towards independence.

The more independent you become, the more motivated you are to be active, and the higher is your self-esteem.

Mobility Plus can help every step of the journey with equipment to expedite that first transfer out of bed, to the ability to drive a modified motor vehicle.

From the simplest slide-board or turntable, to the most complex modular ceiling hoist,Mobility Plus provides good advice with our great range of experience and reliable service, right through to installation and follow-up instruction for operation, by either user or care-giver.

Mobility Plus also has a large range of the equipment necessary to make most motor vehicles accessible and safe for the disabled motorist, whether driver or passenger.

Wheelchair passengers can be secured by the revolutionary, new, self-tensioning “Q-Straint” strapping restraint system.

People who can transfer into vehicle seats, either as a driver or passenger can be aided by “turnout” seats and hand controls fitted for drivers.

In short, you can trust Mobility Plus to get you moving; whether it be just out of bed, or out into the world.

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