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Pool and Spa Hoists


Swimming for both rehabilitation and pleasure is denied to many people with disabilities because of the difficulties of getting in and out of the water.

Mobility Plus is the distributor of a number of pool and spa hoists.

This practical machinery allows a person with a disability to enter, and leave the water, quickly, safely and with dignity.

There are a variety of models; from a basic style with electric lift and lower capability where the lateral swing is provided manually by a care-giver, to one where the bather can operate the hoist independently via the use of a vacuum-operated pendant control which is activated safely, even when in the water.

There is a large range of lifting capabilities with optional lift arms fitted with a choice of gantry sling and spreader bar, platform assembly, or stretcher. Additional safety features can be added in the form of an emergency hands-free telephone or an audible alarm which sounds when the hoist is in operation. There is even a solar panel battery charger available.

Most hoists of this type can be unbolted easily and wheeled away to give clear access around the pool or spa as necessary.

Pool and spa hoists from Mobility Plus provide effortless and convenient access to the water with complete safety and peace of mind.

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