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When the need for power mobility arises, an electric-powered scooter is often the answer for those who have limited mobility. Choosing a scooter, however, can be a difficult exercise, as the number of alternatives, both in products and outlets, is bewildering.

Mobility Plus has many years experience in equipping people with disabilities for life with power mobility. Our experts examine in detail, your needs, abilities and lifestyle preferences, to fit you with the best possible solution for your greatest future independence.

Power scooters come in a large variety of sizes and configurations. It is important to consider loads to be carried and terrain to be covered in order to select a scooter that will give the best performance.

We, at Mobility Plus, have built up long-term relationships with a variety of other providers of disability equipment, both here in Australia, and overseas. These relationships allow us to draw on a much wider range of alternatives when considering which solutions are best for your individual needs. Our expertise will help to take the worry out of choosing the right power scooter solution.

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