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Disabilities come in a bewildering number of forms. No two conditions ever seem to be precisely the same. Therefore, individual requirements will differ, even amongst people whose conditions seem similar. Mobility Plus can co-ordinate a power package for any age or level of disability.

Be it from a manual wheelchair power pack through an electric wheelchair to a ride-on scooter, Mobility Plus will take care of all the details through our huge range of disability equipment resources throughout the world.

Our experts at Mobility Plus will carefully assess the needs of every individual and, when combined with our pressure mapping and seat assessment unit, can accommodate even the most severe disability.

For the mobility needs associated with any given condition, our knowledge and range will take the worry out of choosing the right power mobility option.

Our depth of experience in power mobility is critical to the co-ordination with the other fields of expertise possessed by Mobility Plus Australia, in producing a comfortable and lifestyle-suitable power solution to maximise independence.

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