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Power Mobility


Disabilities come in a bewildering number of forms. Therefore, individual requirements will differ, even amongst people whose conditions seem similar. Mobility Plus can co-ordinate a power package for any age or level of diability.


Metro (Folding) Power Wheelchair

The Metro is a streamlined, aluminium-framed design that can be folded away for easy storage or transportation.


Sahara Power Wheelchair

The Sahara Power Wheelchair is a heavy-duty design which comes with full rehabilitation seating, and offers options such as power-tilt seat, long-range batteries, and elevating leg rests.


Tiara Power Wheelchair

The Tiara Power Wheelchair is a great run-around, which comes with a smart cab seat as standard, but has a full rehabilitation seat as an option.


Tango Power Wheelchair

The Tango Power Wheelchair is designed to be an attendant operated wheelchair that cannot be controlled by the passenger.


Power Scooters

When the need for power mobility arises, an electric-powered scooter is often the answer for those who have limited mobility. Choosing a scooter, however, can be a difficult exercise, as the number of alternatives, both in products and outlets, is bewildering.


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